Weekly Status Updates 2009-12-20

  • is off to see "A Moon to Dance By" with Jane Alexander Directed by Ed Sherin in NJ w/emma @GeorgeStreet Playhouse. #
  • @clsmithdpu Thank you so much for the reply. I'm very very interested in the end result. =) Truly. in reply to clsmithdpu #
  • has a 130 page movie script with his character's name all over it that needs to be read a few times before Saturday roles around! Squee! #
  • @clsmithdpu Thanks! A number of people here at SLC are very interested in what you find/determine. =) in reply to clsmithdpu #
  • @pglyman Puppy in the office FTW! So cute. in reply to pglyman #
  • received a copy of "Self-Management for Actors" via ILL (interlibrary loan) today. Looking forward to spending some reading it. @SMFA3 #
  • thinks Spider-Man fans will appreciate this tid-bit of history: A fan's idea for Spider-Man's black costume http://ow.ly/MklD #
  • is looking for CT actors on Twitter. Where are yeh? @ or follow me to be added to the CT Actor list http://ow.ly/Mkvg. #
  • @wonderfulcow Thanks. I live, work, and play in NY/NYC & CT. I'm trying to help grow the CT scene. Is Judie Fixler Casting on Twitter? in reply to wonderfulcow #
  • Check out the new site and trailer. RT @grking: NEW BLOG POST: LOVELY new website http://bit.ly/63XhbI #
  • @grking Rock on 'me' ๐Ÿ˜‰ Random question, does anyone in the cast/crew reside in CT? If so, have u considered submitting 2 the CT Film Fest? in reply to grking #
  • @wonderfulcow Fantastic. I found that account but didn't know if it was actually her. Thanks's. #
  • @GetJackson Ha. As a character or as an actor? =) If you've started a list I'll sign it. I don't know how I'm perceived as an actor. …Yet. in reply to GetJackson #
  • has been told that he will need to sign a "confidentiality agreement" on Saturda. =D Squee! Acting secrecy FTW! Sorry, I can't say more. #
  • added a slide show to the front page of his Acting Website http://bit.ly/1xnmfW. RT welcome #
  • reconnected with Tony (Stark) and met Whiplash & War Machine with emma this morning. http://ow.ly/MYKA …Iron Man 2 – May 7 '10! #
  • Have an iPhone? Dislike AT&T's web service? RT @c_conway: Operation Chokehold. http://bit.ly/8DOMOW #
  • was told that retweet is gone on twitter.com by @alysonjane. #RT where are you? @hootsuite still has it. #
  • @bryancapri Let's hope that your east coast clients are relaxing from 3pm – 4pm on Friday? in reply to bryancapri #
  • @bryancapri Hrmm…. Google Voice? There isn't much of a storm gathering though AT&T will see a bump/spike. in reply to bryancapri #
  • @bryancapri It's a good back up # to ring other #s. I haven't needed to use it that way but it's setup… JIC in reply to bryancapri #
  • @TashaCourtney Congratulations! That's fantastic! A fantastic way to celebrate the holiday season/new year! in reply to TashaCourtney #
  • RT @SarahLawrence: Congratulations to SLC Theatre faculty member Dan Hurlin '79 for winning a USA Fellowship http://bit.ly/5TYihh #
  • wonders if anyone is participating in this. RT @opchoke: Today we're going to overwhelm the AT&T data network. http://bit.ly/5jU0S9 #opchoke #
  • @nickganga I don't have a smart phone but will be watching the news to see what the tech sites have to say about the 'event.' in reply to nickganga #
  • is interested to know who is taking part in Operation Chokehold for the next 55 minutes. @opchoke #opchoke #
  • @bryancapri How is your iPhone faring during the Operation Chokehold storm? #opchoke #
  • @bryancapri That's what I thought. My sarcasm didn't follow through. That, or I didn't add the needed sarcasm tag. ๐Ÿ˜‰ in reply to bryancapri #
  • thinks Logicomix is going to be a breeze compared to the film he just watched – Primer. Time travel logic… Ahhh! Seriously solid film. #
  • @bryancapri It is. Especially considering the cost of the film ($7k). I like what was done with the friendship and product development. in reply to bryancapri #
  • found and played 'Browser Pong' and wants to share the fun with everyone! http://stewdio.org/pong/ If you don't know what Pong is… Sigh. #
  • @ErinCronican Domo domo domo for the #FF. I completely forgot yesterday was Friday on Twitter. Best of luck with "Tom and Jeraldine." =D in reply to ErinCronican #


  1. Hello i just received a alert from my antivirus when i opened your page do you happen to know why this occured? Could it maybe from your advertising or something? Thanks, really strange i pray it was harmless?

  2. I don’t have any advertisement loading on my site. If you could post any details your anti-virus program provided I can look into it further to ensure nothing improper is happening behind the scenes. Thanks.

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