Weekly Status Updates 2009-12-27

  • had a blast reading the script I can't talk about in CT yesterday. It was great working with you CT/NY/RI actors. To the writers, good luck! #
  • @ErinCronican Wish I could make it but I'm off to NJ for family stuff that was rescheduled to today due to the snow. Alas. in reply to ErinCronican #
  • wishes Brittany Murphy's fans, friends, and family his condolences. R.I.P. #
  • spent 1 week researching how to consolidate his online identities. With a new look my sites r live http://bit.ly/7tf062 http://bit.ly/1xnmfW #
  • @ErinCronican How did it go yesterday? Were people able to make it through the snow? 😉 #
  • @bryancapri The snow threw off the meet-up idea. D'oh. My schedule… I'll be off from work effective 5pm tomorrow until Jan 4th at 9am. #
  • was contacted by someone via http://bit.ly/1xnmfW for their SUNY Purchase film thesis. Waiting to hear back about the script. Website FTW! #
  • @creepdr Yes and no. The gain is 15 fewer characters. I consider that a big win. =D in reply to creepdr #
  • is celebrating emma's otanjobi with a pair of annual aliens, timey'wimey BBC'joy, & some "Pure Food and Wine" in NYC. Great day. Über chan. #
  • is working on his Acting reel. …Ah! There is the DVD I couldn't find. Clips – found. Now, back to editing. http://bit.ly/1xnmfW #
  • I uploaded a YouTube video — "Time's Up" Scene A5E (Apple Five Eddie) Bill speaking with Dr. Tessler http://youtu.be/ykuTP1Bv0Ks?a #
  • doesn't understand why YouTube announced a video he uploaded (http://youtu.be/ykuTP1Bv0Ks?a) before it finished processing. #
  • RT @BarackObama: The Senate just passed health reform. Thanks to all who made this moment possible. #
  • uploaded a (confirmed) working video of Time's Up Scene A5E Take 1 (Apple Five Eddie) to YouTube. http://bit.ly/5ifBaI #
  • @ErinCronican Have a (Dr. Who) FANTASTIC time! in reply to ErinCronican #
  • went to town with CSS and created a much easier to read Acting Resume. http://bit.ly/65Z5DK Ahh. So clean. So right. #
  • spent a wonderful evening with his ILs, BIL, emma, and Jupiter. Tomorrow AM we're back w/the IL crew for breakfast & presents… & Jupiter. #
  • received a B. E. A. Utiful print "Away From The Order Of Days" http://ow.ly/Pw0j by Jeannie Paske this morning from emma. #
  • wishes everyone a happy and safe holiday season! Remember… Smiles and hugs are free. =D #

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  1. Hey man. Sending this from a Mobile. thanks! very helpful post!! like the template btw 😉

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