Weekly Status Updates 2011-01-16

  • has now lived at Haymaker for 2 nights & 2 days. That's right, emma and I now live in a house. No, no, no, a hiz'ouse! Thu & Mags say meow. #
  • Yes! +1 RT @livinveg: is seriously considering turning our new basement into a cat paradise. Like this one: http://gizmo.do/e1maWc #
  • @lizlovely #newyear My new years resolution is to find humor in situations where there is none. #
  • MetroPCS is a #NetNeutrality violator. Tell the FCC to investigate it now: http://freepr.es/fFcGbv (via @freepress) #
  • wonders what all the people who said "You're definitely Cancer." would have to say about the news that I'm now Gemini. http://goo.gl/pTgj9 #
  • @michaelbarra So happy for you Mike. The commercial is great and you rocked it something fierce. http://biturl.net/az3y #
  • cannot attend an incredibly cool event (IAWTV NYC-Based Webseries Writers Group) because of a contractor schedule fail. Bah! #
  • @erincronican Really enjoyed your blog about money. It's scary that all too often people spend money they don't have without a 2nd thought. #
  • @erincronican Indeed! I'm finally going to have some time tonight to write a little bit about motion capture/voice-over and acting. #
  • @michaelbarra Things are truly settling down. The move to the new place is complete. Finally! Have to say again, I'm so happy for you Mike. #

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