Weighing In

At approximately 10 of 6 this evening I did it and I was in blasphemous amazement!! I weighed in at 157 lbs. Okay so maybe it wasn’t it wasn’t blasphemous amazement, but I was shocked.

Normally I come in at 160-163 lbs at the gym. I always weigh myself after I work out with no shoes on so I have a standard by which to compare the results. 157… Strange. i thought it would have been higher because I haven’t been to the gym lately due to… things!

Last night I found a desire to write but had a stronger desire to read. Five weeks of comics have quickly become 1 week worth of comics. Yea. I’ve been reading super bunches this week. Twice. Twice I was up past 1am reading. I liked. I liked. I liked. Gosh golly I still have some more to read. That values the joy that is Squee!.

Last week a few things happened at work. Two people announced they are leaving. TWO! At the end of this month Academic Computing will be a department of three (3) full time staff members. Three. That’s it. 1500+ students and approximately 250 faculty members supported by 3 people and student employees. Things are very busy, strange, and confusing at work.

The best part? Things will be even busier, stranger, and more confusing in the coming weeks and months. Why? One word… reorganization! A reorg. I went through four (4) layoffs at DSL.net. This, hoo-rah, (fingers crossed) will be uber different.
Verily. More thoughts are need to be pur’ged.

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