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Ah the theater! While in London I was educated on how parallel it is to the political or social status of a country (or a situation). The US has its share or two of “situations” that make headlines daily.

Control as much as you want… Someone will find a way to speak their mind. The question is: How do I know if I was followed? Shite!

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Cryptic Comedy “I’m Gonna Kill the President!” to Play Somewhere in NYC, Aug. 17-Sept. 4

By Ernio Hernandez
20 Jul 2004

Assassins may have closed on Broadway, but another show is taking aim at the leader of the free world in the new guerilla comedy “I’m Gonna Kill the President!” A Federal Offense.

Performances begin at 10 PM at an undisclosed Manhattan location, running Aug. 17-Sept. 4 ??including the dates of the Republican National Convention.

A press release for the work penned by “Hieronymous BANG” reads like an classified government document with key words crossed out with a black marker. The material reads “”I’m Gonna Kill the President!” A Federal Offense blends Dario Fo, Abbie Hoffman and the Muppets ======= the story of a confused student’s revolutionary awakening and ====== submarines ====== return of the buffalo.”

The secretive staging also employs detailed instructions to conspiring audience members: “To see the show, go to Manhattan and proceed to the middle of 10th Street, between Avenue A and Avenue B. Our agents will contact you there. You must arrive at least 30 minutes before showtime.” The show offers the show’s reservation line, with the further warning, “Latecomers will not be shown to the theatre. And make sure you’re not followed.” The recording also sends a message to the feds: “If you’re some kind of law enforcement agent or official, hang up now, there’s nothing illegal happening here.”

Tickets ? “available to Republican delegates (with ID) for free” ??are priced at $15. For reservations, call (212) 802-7446.

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