What's the F12?

What’s the F12? During a typical morning these words fill the air. Somebody needs to know what the weather is slated to be. F12 has the answer. It’s one of those things that just happened because I needed to know what to wear one morning.

music notesMany, many months later it’s a part of our vernacular. It’s nearly as well known as the song “Don’t forget your lunch. It’s in the fridge.” Ah that old time classic. Another nearly made it to number one but its title held it at bay – “I’m not gonna.” The full chorus, as everyone recalls goes a little something like… “I’m not gonna. I’m not gonna. I’m not gonna go back to bed. No no no.”

Ahh. Oldies but goodies.

My ability to write vent wrent vite purge some many thoughts has been impaired by many things. Good and bad. Recently, within the past 7 days, it was announced to the campus community that the office I work in was restructured. My coworkers and I are finally getting to create within a technology field! I am now the Assistant Director of Academic Computing. Not bad for four years of work. Smiles.

Anyone that was ever a part of any kind of help desk understands the thankless job that is help desk. The fix NEEDS to happen before the break even considered thought. The newly installed machine needs to be faster than the fastest machine on the market. It is a remarkable world to work in but I’ve grown tired of it. Thinking about it, I’ve been in the support business since college. That’s 13 years of helping people fix their computer troubles.

Going forward things are going to start changing. I get to research new technologies and work with faculty and students toward the development of enhancing the classroom experience. Wai’wai’wai’wait! Not just the classroom experience, the education experience. Whether the enhancement is at home, at the gym, or in the classroom I now get to create! Four years later I’m doing what I thought I was hired to do. Score one for sticking it out.

One? No, no, no. There is a hat trick in the mix easily. SLC, emma, 11o1, etc. This was such a great move.

Grr’ness has been building up for a while now. With the new position has come many new responsibilities on top of the old tasks. I don’t mind. In fact it’s been a great learning experience the past couple weeks. The dilemma is that while I thought the semester would be relatively smooth with classes because of the structure it’s changed due to the promotion.

Insert Grr and/or Argh here. Lately “I feel thin, like butter spread over too much bread.” Once of my classes can be described as hard core. The teacher pushes and pushes until there isn’t much more to give. It’s great. It’s exhausting. O.M.G. the learning that happens. The trouble is the structure of the class is a touch odd for a variety of reasons – cancelled classes, acting out children stories, and having an odd number of students. All have their benefits, well except not having class, but something has caused the class time-line to slip into a very confused state and I’m battling with the stress caused by this. I feel very comfortable with lines I need to have memorized for tomorrow. Too bad one of my new work assignments will force me to arrive late to class. Weeee! Blaaaah.

The other frustration I have I need to bring up with the teacher because I think my confusion is something others have thought but may not have approached him about yet. Must needs do. It’s that simple.

balance scaleTime management has become extremely difficult for good reasons: Jacek said farewell to 22 Waterbury Rd and is now in the area, Alice is getting back on track and thus has lotsa smiles and glee, Ticket to Ride has entertained the mind, the kittens are meow’ingly fun, yaddayadda yaddayadda yaddayadda. The hard part? Fitting it all in. Rough trouble I know. But with work, school, lines, friends and kittens emma and I are finding free time more and more difficult to, well, find.

I’m so very tired right now and have no idea if the text I wrote makes any sense whatsoever. Blah. What’ev. In 5 minutes I’m going to be in bed. Head to pillow thump time!

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