When a Cop Does Something Wrong Call…

police questThe other day I was cruising along on the highway along with a handful of others when I noticed a car creeping up in my rear view mirror… A cop, a 5-0, a b&w, a police officer. “Guess I better move over.” I hit the blinker and move over… VROOOOM! The copper flew by.

What the hell?! Why the lights on the roof weren’t on I don’t know. He, the 5-0, kept zooming along and the other peeps on the road moved over as he got close. Still no lights. Odd.

Friends have told me that while they sat at an intersection they watched a cop approach saw the lights flipped on, put put put through, and then soon after flipped em off. Enh? Why would someone do that?

)a hand shoots up into the air as if wanting to be called on(

OHHH! I know! Abuse of power, lack of responsibility, selfishness, etc. Often I’ve seen police officers NOT leading by example in their vehicles and not. Last week while driving around in Prospect, CT I saw a state trooper on his cell phone turning onto RT 69 south bound. Why aren’t they leading by example?

This is a serious question. Honestly, who reports a police officer for speeding? … Can anyone answer that question? Who tickets a police officer for blatantly ignoring a stop sign in Hastings-on-Hudson, NY down by the recycle center? Better yet, HOW does one advise the powers that be that this type of thing is happening?

watchmenI am serious with my questions. These are not rhetorical. Who watches the Watchmen? (details here) Sure there is Internal Affairs but they’re not going to spend time making sure every copper is obeying the traffic laws. Please. They are working on far bigger topics that involve other abuses of power. Yea to them.

So I ask again for anyone out there a police officer willing to divulge the deepest secrets for we the peons citizens you “serve and protect” or, if someone else out there knows the answers to these questions I beg of you please tell me what is a citizen to do?

Also, how do we praise the officers that are respectful and helpful in the line of duty? They deserve the praise of the community they are helping.

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