Whoa! Heads up!

I feel like someone is shouting to me from all axes (x, y, and z!). Today my body reacted completely. Both sides of my neck, shoulders, and head tightened, stiffened, and throbbed. During my last class of the week I sat and watched while my eyes teared up with pain from the surrounding pressure.
BOOM! Topic shift.

squee cootiesYesterday one monstrously huge piece of news fell on my ears a few hours after it was learned. The C(ancer) word is typically a frightening word but there is another C word that I hadn’t even thought about. Cured. Cured! emma has been given the all clear by her doctor at Sloan Ketering.

Cured! The only other way I could probably get the message out quicker would be via a bulletin on Myspace. Let’s not and say I did. Oooookay. That was a fun first. Phew. Glad I got that out the system.

Seriously though. emma is cured. Sure there are annual appointments but that’s nothing compared to two years ago.


Quick side note… The kittens aren’t here tonight. They were de-womaned. I was told they were VERY still before going in for pre-op tests. Very, very still and huddled together. Tomorrow I get to pick them up. How drugged up will they be? It was a quiet night at 11o1 without the kittens. Spider-Man 2 was the film of choice. What a fun, laugh out loud film.

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