Whole Foods = Whole Paycheck?

everything bagel at Whole Foods

A $12,474.24 everything bagel at Whole Foods - Click image for larger view

Sunday is normally grocery day. This week was a bit different because Kazi arrived late Saturday and then we stayed up late talking. Work ended and emma and I promptly drove to Whole Foods in White Plains. As we were about to get on the Sprain there was an accident. With some quick thinking by emma we were out of the stopped traffic and on our way again. =D

Shopping went quickly. The cart was full of the normal stuff. She sat down to rest her feet while I checked out.

Then the laughter started. Why? $50,000. That’s why. A bag of bread rang up at over $50,000. Plenty of jokes were make about stock prices, the national debt, etc. It was good fun. We all laughed, well, the customers had a good laugh.

Someone came out and helped figure out the bread issue. Actual total $3.50. Better!

Then came the everything bagel… $12,474.24. Someone on the line took a pic and forwarded it to me because my camera wasn’t working on my phone.

Thanks friendly fellow customer!

Update: January 13th 7:25 AM

Whole Foods replied via Twitter.

Whole foods reply via Twitter

Whole Foods reply via Twitter

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  1. I laughed….
    I cried…

    This is a really funny story.

    I am glad there was a happy ending.

    And I too thank the friendly fellow customer!


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