Winter Time Joy

While in a meeting with the big’uns today I heard a variety of screams and cheers from outside. Why? What could possible be so exciting that would bring someone a group of people to express such a happy feeling so loudly? What indeed!


Snow slowly wafted past the window, kicked up again by wind. It was beautiful. I smiled and wanted to cheer with those living in the moment outside. After the meeting I called emma immediately and left a voice mail expressing my joy. Others that were outside were talking about how pretty it looked and how great it was.

On my way home someone walked by me on the phone talking about the snow. People were talking about the soft crunching powder that was covering all the grass. It has been far to warm for any accumulation on the roads. Though there were some patches that were losing the battle. Hehehe. Snow.

Winter is finally here. Sing it… (think 3 apples high and blue) La la la la la la la la la la la!

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