Witches Hour

I’m awake and it’s 3:12 AM. Why am I awake? Well, I was paged and my phone did beep. By way of my phone doing the beep beep beeping I did some awaking. Now I sit here in front of the warming glow of the monitor as I am bathed in it’s crisp light. Ahhh

I should just fall back to sleep, but I have a nagging thought in my head and I can’t get it out. = Damn nagging thoughts during the Witching Hour. This is supposedly the best time to sleep. Damn. Foiled again.

ROCK! I just yawned a big ol yawn. Not enough to send me back to sleep, but it did water my eyes some.

In about two (2) days I’ll be in FL. I’m not quite sure how everything is going to turn out over the week, but I know it’ll be interesting. To those Floridians reading this, or those Floridians that are not in FL at the moment reading this… I say to you this:
I will be spending a week in your state and damnnit I’m going to do everything in my power to have a good time. So there. Nyah! = P

Seriously though, I’m hoping to have a nice time in FL as I haven’t been there since I was in juior high school. That was quite some time ago. A long time ago.

Plans for FL:
Meet lotsa people
Spend quality time w/sha-none
Eat, sleep, and be merry.
Roast a duck… eh, it’s late, something stupid was bound to slip out of my brain. Alright, it’s about 3:30 I’m forcing myself into sleep now.

11-24-2003 03:28 am


  1. Hello,my name is rita.Lately for the last 4 weeks I”ve been having nightmares and waking up at 3:30 in the morning.The dreams are so real and so terrible I can/t get any sleep.Mty friend told me today that 3am is the witches hour.Is that true?Can I fix it?Please help me.

  2. i was told the same thing. that witches hour is at 3:00am but also that its at 12:00am.. i’m really confused wich one is it? Please help me!!

  3. It appears that both are correct depending on who the source is. According to Wikipedia… (Witching Hour Link)

    The Witching Hour is a DC comic book horror anthology that ran from 1969 to 1978 with the tagline “It’s 12 o’clock… The Witching Hour!” (changed to “It’s midnight… The Witching Hour!” after about a year).


    In the 2005 film The Exorcism of Emily Rose, the witching hour is referred to as occurring at 3 A.M., as opposed to midnight. In the film it is said that this is the hour each night when demons mock the Holy Trinity, and also that it is the opposite of three o’clock in the afternoon, the hour when Jesus Christ is traditionally believed to have died during the crucifixion.

    Flip the coin or choose a side. Either way works.

  4. i’ve heard that witches hour is when, at night, everything goes completely silent, and the only thing you can hear is the ringing in your ears.

  5. I did some research and found out the the Witching Hour is at midnight and the Devils Hour is at 3am. Is this true?

  6. Look at that, information on Wikipedia’s http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Witching_hour has changed (not surprising).

    “The term “witching hour” can also refer to the period from midnight to 3am, while “devils hour” refers to the time around 3am.”

    So, walk the line at 3am between the witching and devil’s hour. Have fun.

  7. For the last week my balcony door blows open at around three o` clock, and the other night when my boyfriend wake up my fridge was open and asked me why it was open. There is no way that it could have just opened. And as he stoodup to close it the balcony door blew open agai it was windy and the door struggles to lock, but it takes alot to blow open if he closes it. We both felt very unease that night as we were not alone. What does this mean is this maybe just my imagination? I only heard of the witches hour after I told a work collegue what had happend

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