With Rest Behind My Eyes

A few hours ago I summarized my experience of CMS’s on my .com. It was a long and interesting road. Of course it’s not over. I know that. The point of it all is I’m happy with where things are and where they can go now.

string theoryOne thing I forgot to mention relates to the gallery. Since the beginning I’ve always wanted to use the short url feature in gallery so a link to a picture would be easy on the eyes (aka short). Well, that has finally happened. For those of you/us that like changing the URL to check to see if a folder exists feel free to give it a try. Looking at the 2006 album but want to look at 2002… Change the address and voila. You’re in the 2002 album. Finally!

Shifting topics as though I jammed the shifter into reverse while zipping along on the highway.

Things are in happy land around me. I don’t know why. The lil lady and I are busy but we’re not freaking out like we may have in the past. Is it due to us both being busy? Eez po-see-bal. We each find time in-between our hectic schedules to sit down with each other and just relax. The early AM rising has given us an opportunity we never had previously. A quiet moment together before the day kicks sand, or any other ‘entertaining’ fun, in our faces.

Regardless of schedules we’ve learnt how to stay out of our heads and be at peace, even for just a few minutes, each day together. Is this what happens in a marriage when the lines of communication are open? I can’t begin to think about what other things are to come. )inner smile(

A few weeks ago, I’m doing it again, I moved up on the bench press. Why? I dunno, I figured it was time to bump up the weight again. I normally stay at a set weight for a long time on purpose. I could be much higher right now considering I’ve been at the gym regularly for 3+ years but to that I blah ‘capital w’hatev.

Right. So I went up in weight and decided to do something I have never done. I put on as much weight as I weigh – 160. Considering I moved up 20 lbs another 5 easy enough. Why is this important? Nearly every person I’ve worked out with before has always urged, emphasized, etc. that one should be able to lift their own weight on the bench press. Now that I know I can it feels pretty hot diggity dog good.

The numbers are going up and I don’t have the look that everyone is afraid to get when one works out with heavy weight. My peeps, heavy weights alone will not make you “HUGE” there are other factors to consider. Your physical structure, protein drinks, drugs, and other mass increasing tools will all have a teeny tiny impact on how big huge you become.

Last night Richie, our neighbor, hung out while we ate crackers, cheese, and cookies on the porch. He had his token glass of wine and me my token glass of milk. Mmm. I think it was close to 3 hours that we talked, laughed, and leaned into each other with heavy sarcasm. emma had the most fun with comments about age like: Does she have a drivers license? )inner chuckle(

textIn co-ops neighbors aren’t neighbors. That is, we don’t exist on our own property so it’s more like a college residence hall. And? It’s fantastic knowing we have a neighbor that can be silly, open, curious, kind, and so on, oh, and, he just so happens to be my age. 11o1 is so much more than I could have ever imagined. Thank the gods. Hrmm. Not until October of this year will I thank the Battlestar gods. Damn you Sci-Fi! Give us something!

It’s 7:35 AM and I feel at ease. emma and I had a morning moment and now I’m finishing up a rather boringly written post. Creativity isn’t in the mind today. There’s that capital w again. The cards are facing up and my mind is calm. I’ll take it.

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