Would? Wood!

That’s all we’ve got now. The spare bedroom is parkay wood flooring and it’s in BRILLIANT condition. Could the floors use a refinishing? Sure. Why? Well, it appears that someone previous owner decided to lighten the color of the wood and had carpets put in afterward. How can this be deduced? In the entry of both rooms that we removed the carpets a stain is noticeable in each doorway. Sigh. I guess everyone has their taste but how could they do such a thing to such a wonderful wood floor! = \ I’ll never know.

Tomorrow, er, today we will get rid of the carpet and cushioning stuff! AKA the last time we’ll see carpet in this apartment. SO HAPPY!

Next up?

Ceiling white paint and the replacement of (all) the electrical outlets. Why? It’s cheap and it’ll be great to know everything works and also doesn’t have 5 layers of paint on it.

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