Year 3

Three years! We have lived at 11o1 for 3 years. Wow. Hoo rah wow. It feels like three years. We’ve learned so much about living together. About living in a space in an urban environment. Life is developing and evolving in a way I never even considered. To quote the Doctor – it’s “brilliant.”

Looking back on three years a few number of milestones, dreams, hopes have been reached. In no particular order, here are a few to reflect on:

Payed off the PMI – check
Removed all the carpeting – check
Painted all the walls – check
Painted the ceilings (twice even) – check
Refinished the floors – check
Got a parking space indoors – check
Bought new furniture – check
Re-do the kitchen – check
Hosted a number of events/gatherings – check
Bought a patio set – check
Got married – check
Extended the family – meow
Obtained a MFA – check (1 out of 2)
Make the place our own – che… In process. This is one heck of a process. I don’t think 3 years is enough when 2 people are going to grad school and a PMI needs attention. But…

Yesterday we continued the road we’ve been traveling for some time. Stepping out of the hand me downs and into the our owns. It has been wonderful having something to use – couches, chairs, etc. – but very little of it fits the style emma and I prefer – quirky, shabby-chic, antique. Sure. It’s not simple to described or find but we’re managing.

Just yesterday we found a great mirror from the late 1800’s/early 1900’s. Score. And a very unique lamp with a great shade reminiscent of a Seuss painting – no straight lines.

We’re on own way.

Speaking of on one’s way. I believe I will soon migrate all the posts from ( to my .com. The posting frequency is rare and the content could easily be wrapped into my .com. Soon enough just might re-direct to That would mean a blog would disappear from the interweb. Poof.

Lastly, the domain will not be renewed. It fall into the abyss of available domain names. Fare thee well Fare thee well.

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