Yellow be gone!

As of this moment the majority of 11o1 is empty. Empty? That’s right, we’ve moved everything into the spare and main bedrooms as well as the kitchen because in the AM tomorrow Gabriel from Active Floor Scraping and/or some of his peeps will be here to remove the poly finish, sand down, and then apply 3 coats of a water based finish.

I’m uber excited while emma is happy to see me excited. It’s going to be a new place entirely and I… Well, I am SO stoked to see it finally happen.

On the UGH front is a second visit because we’re having the other rooms done up as well we’ll need to moved everything into the main section of 11o1 once they’re finished. Yup, ugh.

Check out their services page picture. ?! OLD (Look at how THICK it is!) laptop + stylish hair + wood floor = what they do. Squee!

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