Z Land, RPGs, and Food Oh My

For over 2.5 years I have gone to bed in more or less the same way. I realized this the other night as I slipped into Z land and felt a smile bear up only to be swept away by my inability to stay awake. I told myself to write about the feeling and the thought but the morning sped by too quickly. Mornings have been very difficult. I can’t seem to get the spark to get up and jump into the day.

Instead I’ve practically crawled out of bed and felt like I was still in bed after getting to work. Uber bah.

But the nightly routine with emma – details intentionally left blank – is wonderful. It is affected by the temperature, the kittens, the Z land departure schedule, and other things but it always happens. Sure, repetition CAN be boring, but this nightly ritual sure isn’t.

Shifting that’a’way…

Soon enough I will begin playing a new role playing game with a large number of newbies! emma is one. Lauren is another. Mwa. Ha. Ha. Heck Jillian and Mike are going to play too! Uber score! BT is helming the story teller hat and has organized the first session — Sunday at 22. Squee!

What just happened? Thump. That’d be another topic coming to mind.

‘I’m gonna die anyway.’ People say this at random when a health topic has been broached. Oh no! Don’t acknowledge that your current habits aren’t healthy. Instead say that you’re going to DIE! What?! I’ve heard this from family, friends, and even strangers. I don’t understand. We’re not LITERALLY what we eat. We have no allegance to our food. It doesn’t pay us to promote it. We can change labels or even suppliers any time we choose.

If a product is discovered by a friend and they highly recommend it and it’s better for me than the present food I eat… I figure, why not give it a try. Thanks for the tip. Oh wait, I meant – Pfff. Well I’m gonna die anyway so I’ll keep on keepin on.

Disliking the weather topic, still, I have not enjoyed the muggy mid 80 nights this week and I have had ENOUGH of the forecasts for thunderstorms when non come-a-callin. The next one on tap is… (hits F12) Oh, tomorrow. ARRRGH! RAIN! PLEASE! Do SOMEthing.

And that’s all there is to say. Actually there is more but I’d rather leave this as it is and try that Z land thing out for a spin. Fweeeeeeee!

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  1. Am I alive…?

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