Limited Functionality = Frustration(s)

For just over 10 weeks I have had people ask me “Why?” when I say I can’t eat something at random times of the day. It may be at work or a gathering of friends or family.

It’s confusing to them and a repeated one liner for me. )points to teeth( “My aligners.)


Weekends are not as structured as the weekday/workday leaving me in a state of fluidity. This is not a good thing when you are supposed to do something 22 of the 24 hours in a day. Routine is extremely important if one wants to get their bang for the buck when wearing Invisalign aligners.

Weekends, as I just said, involved a different start to the day and random times for lunch and/or dinner. The same is true when eating out with family/friends. The stop watch is running in my head and I know it’s off for everyone else. I find myself thinking “Should I put the aligners back in now? Is anything else going to be served? Hmm.”

I find myself looking forward to weekdays because of the routine.

To anyone that works Monday-Friday… This makes very little sense. Duh.


Skipping along on the same topic… A recent post I wrote (Shake the Tree and See what Falls) left a few people confused I think. I didn’t add one important detail about why I was going to start stepping out more – absolutely no pun is intended.


Not mine. emma’s. For the past 18+ months she has dealt with plantar fasciitis. It is debilitating. We had always been ready to go outside and… Well, do something, anything. A walk, toss a baseball or a frisbee, volleyball, etc.

This pain has sidelined nearly every activity we have enjoyed together. For a time getting around the apartment was difficult for her so I did my best to help by getting things from another room or bringing something into the room she was in.

For me and for her this has been one of the most frustrating experiences to go through alone and together. It continues still today. We have been told that there is a solution. What that means is something will work. Walks will happen again.


It all depends on what the solution turns out to be.

A number of things have been tried: rest/time off the feet, rehab, shoe inserts (so many different kinds) daily stretching, cortisone shots, and electroshock-wave therapy (ESWT). Up next are orthotics. One of the inserts was sent back because it caused too much pain to one foot/heel so padding will be added and then shipped back. It should arrive soon. The doc is hopeful it will help.

He’s not alone. Two people at 1101 are hoping they will help too.

Beyond the orthotics are two final options (that we are aware of to date) 1 – a second treatment of the ESWT or 2 – surgery.

With graduation around the corner neither will take place soon but the sooner this ailment is cured the better.

Both emma and I get frustrated and find ourselves at a loss on how to handle it. Today we had a great day despite the need of a wheelchair at a museum and a shopping outlet. We had fun but we both want to leave the wheelchair behind and simply walk hand in hand from place to place enjoying the surroundings together.

‘It’s not the person it’s the circumstance.’ A coworker said that to me while his girlfriend was studying to take the bar in NY. emma and I know it’s temporary… But it has been so long and we’re ready for the temporary to be at its end.

Yup. We’re both operating with limited functionality and it can be extremely frustrating. So, if you see either of us in a frustrated state it’s probably because of either or both of the topics I wrote about above.

With all of that said. Life is life is life and we both want to live it as best we can whether we choose the frustration or it was thrust upon us. Hello Spring Break and time together with each other, friends, and family! Hoo-ha!

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