Invisalign Part 6

invisalign-exampleYesterday was the day of buttons. Not the film – an enjoyable though a film longer than it needed to be. Not the kind you sew on ice cream to see if it will stick. Invisa-buttons. The type of button somehow grafted to one’s teeth.

OK, OK, they’re not grafted. Cemented? Crazy glued?

Whatever is used, the buttons have got a hold on me my teeth.

At the dentist’s office I had a chance watch my teeth straighten using ClinCheck. Über cool! Watching the movement from inside the mouth was the most fascinating view. I will have much more room in my mouth after I complete my upper trays. That’s right the top and bottom are not scheduled to go the full 32 weeks.

How do those weeks break down? Flip a coin… Heads or tails?

Flip, flip, flip, flip, flip, flip, flip, thump, twist, drop…


11 trays/22 weeks

On the other side of the coin – the lower…

16 trays/32 weeks

Yep. That’s the complete break down for my toofs. I realized after I left the office today that I failed to ask when the buttons would be removed. So that’s another question for the next time I go – in 5 weeks.

Another pending answer is to the question:  What type of plastic is used to make the Invisalign fixture? The person that was asked yesterday did not know but said she would find out.

I’m taking pictures of my teeth each week and will create a transitioning image throughout the process. Since there are only two pix right now… You’ll have to wait a bit.

I do wish the company that provides the time line rendering of the teeth would provide some sort of access for the client online. When I saw it in the office today it looked like something flash could handle easily. Heck, Quicktime could handle it too. A number of apps could bring it to the masses very easily.

Something the Invisalign peeps might want to consider — When someone can see an experience they’re more likely to look into it for themselves. Yep, if they can see the process they’re more likely to beyour next client. Sigh.

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  1. SO I had my buttons attached yesterday, and picked up my next 4 sets of aligners.

    The first thing I have noticed is how much more difficult (and painful) they are to take out than before.

    Are you seeing the same?

  2. I had the same experience Ben.

    Happily the second morning after the buttons were attached I found, just about 10 minutes ago, that either A) I go better at removing the fixtures with the buttons in place or B) my teeth moved enough so that the removing the fixtures was easier. I think it might be a combination of both the more I think about it.

    Did your dentist wait a week before putting the buttons on?


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