Invisalign Part 7

invisalign-exampleRemoving my Invisalign fixtures with buttons became a simple math equation.

Remove = OW!

There were no variables to consider. It simply was. Itai! <– Hehehe. Fun. E.

Speak with your dentist about the buttons! Honestly. If they can, and they can, be put on after one week so you start Invisalign… Do it!. Trust me, get used to removing the fixtures without buttons. You will be much happier.

The second morning and evening with the buttons I found things to be close to routine again. Why is this so important? Let’s go to the my videotape time line.

  • Tuesday – buttons + reeling surprise/pain. Check
  • Wednesday – Um, ouch! Check
  • Thursday – Ooookay not sooo ba(d)… Ahh! Check
  • Friday – Haha. Gotcha. Check.

Technically I will need to change to the second set (whoohoo!) Monday morning at 9am. BUT. Listen up Mr. and Ms. Fancy Paints! Thanks to a comment hint I’m going to put in the second set Sunday evening, as late as possible. Sure it wll be 9-11-ish hours early but that’s no big deal. Especially compared to the experience a staffer at my dentist’s office told me.

Her dog chewed on her first set about two days into her first week. What the truck!!!!!!!!?!!?! She could have requested a new set – about $250  – or go to the second set. She elected the way of pain! The SECOND set (meant for weeks 3 and 4) in the first week… Insert gasping pain sound effect. — It’s like a choose your own adventure book without the adventure.

Oh. Or the book.

But with the pain! OUCH!

Right. Oh no’s, I’ll be, at max, 1/2 a day early. NOT a biggie.

Another tidbit about the buttons. The first few times you remove the fixtures you may feel or see something come off of your teeth. Have the freak out moment and panic that you’ll need to go back to the dentist office. Go ahead. Then breath a sigh of relief. Everything is alright.

Small pieces of the über adhesive may chip or flake off. Truly, breath easy. A tiny chips came off the first couple times I removed the fixture. The more I looked at the buttons the more I realized this kind of thing made sense.

I sighed. Now it’s your turn. You don’t have Invisalign? Bah. No worries. Breath in deeply. Now… Sigh. It feels nice doesn’t it. Now go enjoy your Friday and the weekend.

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