Invisalign Part 12

Today I went to see my dentist because I ‘finished’ my upper aligners and noticed that some of my teeth did not match the look of the animation I was shown (see Part 10) or the final aligner. Based on the knowledge that I had 6 weeks of lower aligners remaining until my next appointment I thought it best to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. That was last week. Today was today, I thought, I would begin the process of adjusting my upper teeth beyond the scheduled aligners.

I was wrong.

Knowing the visit would be mere minutes I arrived promptly and stood awaiting the invitation in. Seconds later, I was sitting in a chair waiting. With a quick look over and a pat on the back I was handed the final three aligners for my lower teeth. Realizing everything appeared okay to him I removed the upper aligner and pointed out the issue, believing it best to tackle an issue sooner rather than later.

Remember… I was wrong.

He said that at least 80% of Invisalign cases require follow-up aligners because the troubles that occur, if they are going to, most often happen toward the end, not the beginning. “Ah.” I thought. He then added that after both sets are done, impressions will be taken again and the touch-up aligners will be made. Recognizing that this made complete sense I thanked him and was given the all clear to not wear my upper aligner (aligner set 11) during the day.

Soon after I took it out and left it out for the day with anticipation of some pulling pain later in the eve. Eeek.

On my way out I rescheduled my next visit. I was supposed to return in 6 weeks but now I had 6 weeks more of aligners in my pocket. 12 weeks! Sweet! With the appointment rescheduled I was told the following: If the doctor sees that you are wearing the aligners properly he will give you more to take home with you. Some people do not wear them properly and have to come in every 2 weeks.

EVERY TWO WEEKS!? What are those people thinking. That’s what I was thinking. I think I said “Wow!” but that really doesn’t hit the bulls eye now does it? That should be a statement not a question. Now if I use a strike tag it won’t make any sense and we’ll be stuck in this paragraph forever. Let’s move along.

The moral of the story was, wear the aligners properly of you will visit the dentist office every two weeks. Who has that kind of time? And don’t forget the money you, or your loved one, is investing in this product. Would you prefer to have braces on ALL THE TIME? Of course not, you’re wearing Invisalign for a reason. Soon it will all be over and you can wear your final aligners to bed keeping your teeth happy and straight.

That sounds great.

I can comment on how it feels the first time the upper (or lower) is left out all day and then worn in the evening. There is a slight tugging sensation that quickly dissipates. Within less than 30 minutes I feel the upper aligner but that’s all. It does not hurt nor is there a tug.


I have continued taking pictures and will soon post another series like I did in Part 11. My experience continues to be a positive and stand behind the Invisalign product. It truly is impressive what can be done in 2 week increments.

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