Invisalign Part 8

invisalign-exampleI made it. Scratch that… All of it.

Sweet! I’m wearing my second set of Invisalign! With about, oh let’s say, 3-4 days left in set one I wanted to switch to set two. Why? Well let me tell you. Ah-hem. Set one felt like, well, it felt like it wasn’t doing anything. The upper and lower fixtures came out so easily — meaning they weren’t pulling, etc. anymore.

Out, out damn fixture! I succeeded where Lady MacBeth failed. Sucker. Er…

I put in the second set at 9pm the morning before I was technically supposed to put them in. The result? No worries. It was tight and it felt like something was happening again. I smiled a big Invisalign smile. It didn’t look like this =D but it would if you could see the Invisalign inside that capital d.

Key point to note regarding the removal of Invisalign. I have found it easiest to remove the fixtures from the back. But not just ‘the back’ mind you. Oh no, no, no, no, no.

When removing each fixture I try to lift from the inside back thereby relieving stress from the buttons. When I remove a fixture from the outside back I feel the teeth with buttons much more.

I spoke with someone yesterday about getting my Invisalign process sent to me in video format and was told that I was the first one to ever ask for it. How can this be? Yikes! The rep I spoke with advised me that she’d call and verify if it could be given out.

According to my research it can be but why aren’t they promoting it? It’s nothing but great PR. And so my job at SLC (instrutional technologist) and life met once again. Hopefully I’ll have the a video or two… or three later on today. Sweeeeet.

And on a closing note – Congratulations United States of America and Barack Obama!

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  1. Man, I know the invisalign is painful- but all braces are! I had the old fashioned kind, and man, there’s nothing like feeling the inside of your cheek get shredded or having a wire pop out on you… or worse, a rubber band snap!

    I need to get another set of braces. My first orthodontist did the job wrong and my bite is all off on the top. I think I’m going with the wire-on-the-inside type this time around. Well, when I’m done saving 5K.

  2. Funny you should comment about the pain topic. I plan on writing another blog tonight about my third set and how I feel and it feels when the I put the new set in for the first time.

    So sorry to hear you have to go through this again. I would offer up to you to look into Invisalign. People do NOT see them. I’ve had people look at my teeth, at only inches away, and they have a heard time seeing what is on my teeth.

    Also, since you had braces already you might qualify for the Invisalign Express program (10 sets or less – I think). Their prices are way down. Mine was $1500 off the normal price because of the current economic state.

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