Invisalign Part 9

invisalign-exampleI was hoping to add a video of my Invisalign procedure but I failed at learning something in Quicktime this morning and I’m hungry. I’ll take a stab at it tonight.

In my earlier posts I wrote about how much pain I experienced when I began using Invisalign. I primarily spoke of the first week and the second week with very specific reasons. Now in week 5 I need to address those statements and add some details for those following along.

I’m not the kind of person into pain. I don’t thrive on pain. Pain, it happens, I experience it and move through it. When it hurts a great deal, I acknowledge that it hurts a great deal. For some, pain is nothing and for others a pin prick is nearly the same as surgery.

So, when I refer to pain I’m talking about pain that is on the higher side of my threshhold.

The sensation I felt when I began this process on my lower teeth was… Well, searing. Due to the positioning of my teeth and the added pressure when I would REMOVE the aligners I had fears that one of my tiny teeth might snap or crack or something horrible.

This is the kind of pain I’m referencing when I say pain.

After I learned how to remove the aligners with as little pressure on my front teeth (top and bottom) as possible – around the end of week 2/mid week 3 – I began looking forward to the next set of aligners.

The other day I put in set 3 and focused on the push/pull of the new set. I tried to figure out what was moving and how the aligner was doing it. You see, when looking at two sets side by side it is nearly impossible to see a difference but certainly there is a difference.

The other thing I noticed with each set was that toward the end of the second week of each set I would find myself feeling bored with the aligner. I don’t feel a push or a pull. It feels, almost loose. That’s not right. =)

The pain I feel now is that of an aligner pushing and pulling my teeth. It is what I believe anyone should expect from any sort of braces. It’s not something that will keep you preoccupied all day but it is there and you know it’s working.

Some people might be uncomfortable with this type of feeling but it beats the feeling I expereinced in the early stages of this experience.

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