Invisalign Part 10

I learned, after additional research, that I had not succeeded in failing as I thought I did the other day when trying to add captions/subtitles to my Invisalign Clincheck video. For some reason Quicktime did not want to treat me well. No matter. I exported the original file (which is only 284 KB) from Quicktime into a Quicktime file and present to you 196 KB of Clincheck goodness.

I recommend using the arrow keys or rewind/fast forward keys to view the process. Each click represents (two weeks) one aligner set.

The red dots are the ‘buttons’ that aide the aligners pull, twist, and eek the teeth.


Click image to view (196 KB)

I’m having a difficult time getting other views but will continue asking.

Side note — This video was also posted to my YouTube account but it plays horribly.

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