Invisalign Part 11

My teeth feel foreign, strange, sharp, pointy, etc. when I take my aligners off.

It’s odd. When I close my mouth my teeth feel so strange because the alignment has changed so much. To the right Below is a looping video shows what my teeth looked like at the beginning and what they look like after 6 aligners (12 weeks). Notice the upper teeth behind the canines and the lower middle sections specifically.

[qt: 219 119]

Please pause the clip at any time by clicking the pause icon in the lower left corner of the video.

The video to the left below is what my teeth looked like every two weeks – starting from the beginning.

[qt: 219 119]

“Time’s making changes!” Tesla ‘Changes’

Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to control the video — forward or backward. Click on the video once with your mouse, then press the arrow key (<– or –>) once to go one frame at a time or hold down the arrow key to go quickly through the frames.

Taking off the aligners is extremely easy now. I am only a few days from putting on the 8th set and for the first time I found that I can remove each aligner as though I am peeling it off my teeth. There is no pain. This is common during the second week but I have always had to remove each aligner in two steps – the right half and then the left half because of the pull on my teeth.

No more!


Thinking forward I realized I am only 4 sets away from completing my upper teeth. That means, in 8 weeks, my upper teeth will be finished moving. What the truck!? Whoohoo!

Flossing is easier than ever. I actually enjoy flossing my teeth now. In the past the floss would get stuck or would rip because of my lower teeth. Now though flossing is a breeze. I’m expecting some of my teeth to move again so they will be closer again – space had to be created to move the teeth that were extremely out of alignment.

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