Invisalign Part 13

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Two weeks and one  ago I completed Invisalign. That was the target goal at least.

Instead I explained that I wanted additional aligners for my lower teeth, my dentists did not hesitate to agree with me. I described my concern about my upper teeth and was told that it was likely that Invisalign would not be able to address it but that he would.

So what happened next? He took new molds and sent me on my way. ‘You’ll hear from someone in four weeks.’ This all happened in less than 15 minutes.

For the past two weeks I have not worn aligners during the day. It has been amazing. Sadly, the buttons are still on my teeth so it looks a bit strange and I can feel the buttons at times. My lower teeth were sharp feeling but have smoothed a bit in the past two weeks.

A very important note to those using or intending to use Invisalign (aligners). After you reach the ‘end’ of the process and are told not to wear your aligners during the day expect a couple things:

  1. Your freedom, you can now eat whenever you want again! It is amazing. Revel in the day to day feeling of… Your teeth!
  2. Doubt, you may think it best to wear the aligners part of the day and then overnight. This is not necessary.
  3. Pain, yes there will be pain every night for approximately two weeks. This is very normal. Your teeth will ‘settle’ in and the aligners will say ‘no, no, no, no, no, get back to where you belong.’ After two weeks the pain will be much less though noticeable.

Enjoy the freedom despite the known evening pain. Your teeth haven’t been free in a long time. And, like me, it is likely you’ll cover them up soon enough with more aligners. Later this week I plan to post a time lapse of my teeth from start to finish (of the first part of the experience).

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  1. When do they remove the buttons?

  2. Unfortunately I do no know – yet. I should have that answer soon Tom.


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