Invisalign Part 14

Invigalign - Set 1 (start)

Invigalign - Set 1 (start)

A quick update on my experiences since part 13.

I am still waiting on the next batch of aligners. It will be 6 weeks exactly in approximately 2 hours. The good news is the pain in my lower teeth is practically non-existent when I go to bed. I realized this about a day or two ago.

What this means is, after you stop wearing your aligners during the day, prepare for 4-6 weeks of brief, albeit occasionally intense, pain before bed. Between the 4th and 6th week you will notice a pull on your teeth but it will fade very quickly.

Invigalign - Set 13 (complete)

Invigalign - Set 13 (complete)

I was told this type of delay is normal despite the fact that I was told to expect a call in 4 weeks with my new aligners. Hmm. I hope to have an update this week. Additionally, the buttons, I have been told, may or may not remain as they are. Removal FTW!?

The images are at present the before and after photos of my teeth. As you can see the majority of the movement has happened to the lower teeth. An animated version of the change will be posted shortly.

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