Invisalign Part 15

Six weeks ago I began the Invisalign refinement phase of my Invisalign experience. I last wrote about it in a status update via to Twitter, Facebook, etc. How has it compared to the first part of the process, what do my teeth look like now, and how much longer will this take?

The first refinement aligner drove me beyond frustrated!!! That pebble in your shoe that you can’t find no matter how many times you check for it throughout the day? That kind of frustrated!

The second and third refinement aligners were okay until day 8 or 9 when they started to feel like the first refinement aligner.


After wearing first refinement aligner for a few days it felt loose. This feeling normally happened toward the end of the 2 week block each aligner is worn. A few days!? A week in I called the office and asked if I could move to the second aligner because it, primarily the top but the bottom also, was so incredibly loose.

What does it mean to be loose?

The letter S will sometimes create a whistle like sound. If I said words like: succinct, substance, or even smile I would hear it. I was told no and that I should wear it until the following Wednesday putting in the new aligners on Tuesday eve.

I couldn’t do it. I changed the aligners on Sunday eve. It felt like wearing a pair of shoes 1-2 sizes too big.

The next two aligners were great. They fit tight and moved my teeth subtlety. The refinement aligners do not move teeth as much as the original aligners. There is little pain experienced, even when they are put in for the first time.

The tight feeling has gone away about 3-5 days into the two week block. Sure, the teeth are moving but you won’t feel it like you will with the original aligners. The PAIN will go away after 3-5 days but the tight feeling lasts up to the last day or two.

A very big difference.

I am now half way through my upper refinement aligners. I’m truly excited. In 6 weeks my upper teeth should be ‘done’ done. I don’t expect they will be but the aligner portion of the experience will be done. As you can see in the photos my lower teeth have moved significantly! The lack of headaches in my life are possibly attributed to this change. The lower teeth have a few more months of movement ahead.

I have been taking photos and stated I would post another video of the change but due to technical troubles – the app I used is not working due to an upgrade – it will have to wait a little longer. For now here is the change from the first aligner set (the beginning of the process)…

Aligner Set 1 - The Beginning

Aligner Set 1 - The Beginning

to 2 weeks ago (the start of the refinement aligner set 3).

Refinement Aligner end of week 4

Refinement Aligner end of week 4

If you have any questions about the refinement aligners post a comment below. Learn more about my experience via the previous entries by clicking on “More…”

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